“We are pleased to be partnering with the team at Fintech Ventures Fund. We feel that Fintech Ventures’ focus on technology-enabled lending gives the Fund a unique insight into the space and makes them a valuable addition,” says LQD C.E.O. George Souri

“We have seen almost every business lending company out there, and believe strongly that LQD – because of the larger loan market it’s targeting and the strength of its underwriting and risk management – is uniquely positioned to win in its targeted market. LQD is not just another marketplace or short-term lender, but a real paradigm shifting model in terms of business lending. We believe in LQD’s experienced and talented management team, and we are happy to partner with them to grow LQD into a national leader,” says Serguei Kouzmine, General Partner of Fintech Ventures Fund.

The Series A Round continues LQD’s run of milestone achievements, including the closing of a $30 million facility with Route 66 Ventures in November of 2015. “We spent a lot of time building a solid foundation so that we could grow effectively. Our partnership with Fintech Ventures is another step towards our goal of fundamentally transforming business lending,” says Souri.

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